I have been googling this question myself for the past few weeks, as I have felt nothing, and at 20 + weeks, this is a tad unusual. Reassuringly, we did see the little guy moving around on the 20 week ultrasound, so knew all was well…I just couldn’t feel him. This post is for other mamas who may google this question, as I have a clarification that may help others understand the sensation.

The answers that I found to this question ranged from “gas” to “like a feather running along inside of you.” But the most common answer I found is that it feels like “when your muscles ‘pop'”.

My best friend is also pregnant, felt her baby at around 18 weeks, and described it the same: “You know when you go to the gym, and you come home and your muscles pop? it feels like that.” And I was like, “First of all I don’t go to the gym, and even if I did, I’ve never felt my muscle ‘pop,’ so I am lost here.”

But, my mom had some clarification to that definition that coincided with me feeling the little guy for the first time. She said “No…its not really a “pop,” it’s more of a twitch or tic. You know, when your muscle goes, tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic?”

And this I could relate to. My muscles will on occasion twitch, generally in my upper arm, thigh, or eyelid. And when I briefly felt the baby later that day (at 21 weeks), a muscle “tic” in my uterus is exactly what it felt like. And since that day, if I sit in a certain position, or am laying in bed at night, I can feel these “twitches” more and more. Of course it is different than a twitch, because it is not constant or rhythmic in any way, and it is a bit of a stronger feeling. But for me (and of course everyone may feel it differently), the “twitching” or “tic-ing” is the right description of the sensation.

Last night, it was feeling a little more like punching and elbowing, and I guess it only gets more noticeable from here on out! And for those of you who still haven’t felt that baby, my doctor said some women get to 25-26 weeks before feeling it, so not to worry!