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My FET is tomorrow, which reminds me that I have to call the office in a few minutes to get the transfer time.  Can’t they just call ME when they know the time….I am paying them thousands of dollars after all.

Anyhow, I think I am more nervous about the full bladder requirement than anything else.  I’ve had ultrasounds before with a full bladder and it was awful, and that was without the added fun of a cervical cathetar.

I hope the embryos thaw ok.  I have read awful accounts where NONE of the frozen embryos made it out of the freezer.  I guess in the end maybe these were mixed blessings….if the embryos couldn’t make the thaw, they probably wouldn’t have made a viable pregnancy either, and so the failed thaw ended up saving the woman from the stress of a negative 2WW or worse, an early miscarriage.  So, if my embryos don’t thaw, I’ll just look at it as a favor from God, because otherwise I don’t think I could deal.   If they do thaw, we’re sticking 2 in, and hoping for the best.  Early on in this process I pondered whether putting one or two in was the better choice….now I’m like, “might as well stick all 8 in cause I’m not doing this again!”

My endometrin inserts are going fine, a bit drippy, but otherwise not an issue.  The tips about the pantyliners held true, and prepared me for the insert resulting goo.  So far (speaking without any urinary tract or yeast infections) I prefer them to the PIO shots.  And so does my husband, who admitted to me this morning that he had been afraid that the 2″ needle was going to “snap off” every time he put the shot in my butt.

So….I’ll report back on the experience tomorrow!