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Ok, so its only day 9, but it FEELS like day 82 and like my ovaries can’t possibly get any bigger.  They are sore….sore when I get up, sore when I walk, sore when I pee…I am about ready to get them out!!  They feel like grapefruits in there!!  Let’s hope that this is all worth it.

I’m leaning much more towards putting 2 embros back in (God willing we have 2) for ET.  It really is only 50/50 this works, and that is with putting 2 back.  And I have seen enough of my cycle sistas who put two back and get pregnant with one baby.  And plenty who get pregnant with none.  If I only put one back and get a BFN, I will forever second guess myself about “what if it was the OTHER one that would have taken???”   And I won’t be able to live in that world.  And if  2 go in and both take, I will be so glad that the other one wasn’t left out of my body and maybe wouldn’t have made it otherwise. So I think I am choosing to live in a world where twins are a possibility that I can handle.  I am semi-young and healthy, and there is no reason to think that I can’t bring a healthy set of twins into this world.  And I can raise them as millions of women have done before me.  I need to stop worrying about all of the complications with twins…they are a risk I am willing to take, as any normal women should be when she decides to get knocked up.

Triplets are another story, so lets just hope that two is the maximum number, and that those embryos don’t make things interesting and decide to divide again once they are settled in.

It is nice to be optimistic….I feel a little like I am jinxing myself debating on whether to put one or two back in…there could be none!  But we do need to be prepared for the best, so I think 2 is going to be the magic number.