I feel pretty barfy today – it has been coming in waves (any time of day), but today it just won’t let up.  And I want nothing to do with vegetables.  Which kind of stinks because I’m supposed to be eating 4+ servings a day.  I feel like a 3 year old..I am hiding the vegetables in other food in order to get them inside of me.   Morning sickness just seems like such a bad design…..just when you need it the most, food becomes repulsive.  How does this make any sense in the grand scheme of things?  At least I am able to keep everything down, so I’m just trying to eat as much of the recommended diet as I can…..which is really hard!  As a vegetarian, I was finding the 71 grams a protein a day a huge problem, and so have reluctantly added chicken back into my diet.   And its still tough!   A personal chef would be a great asset right now!  If anyone has any tips on getting all the nutrients in successfully or sure fire morning sickness tips, please share!