I’m pregnant.  Took my usual monthly pregnancy test before I went out drinking and it came up positive.  Which I was sure was a mistake (I was spotting and crampy).  So bought another one and sure enough.  I’ve had my bloodwork done and so far so good.  I am not really believing it yet, and keep having dreams where I  start drinking or doing aerobics and stuff and then suddenly remember that things are different now .  It just doesn’t feel real and I guess until a heartbeat is heard, it’s not.  That will happen in about 2 weeks, fingers crossed.

I just wanted to say for the record that no we didn’t stop trying and no, I didn’t “just relax.”  We did the same thing as we have every time we’ve been on our own….OPKs from day 12, sex on the day the test turns and the next day, whether we feel like it or not.   The way I figure it, every  month we probably have had about a 2% chance of conceiving, and this time, our number came up.  I’m feeling a bit nauseous and my boobs are sore and bigger, but otherwise I don’t feel any different.

So, I guess this is turning into a pregnancy blog…at least for the time being.

Sorry if I don’t sound more excited…..I am really REALLY hoping that a baby results from this, but have been through too much and have heard too many hearbreaking stories to expect it to be that easy.  If I make it past 12 weeks, perhaps I’ll grow a bit more confident in my condition.