The transfer went well, I suppose.  One embryo didn’t make the thaw, but another one stepped in to take it’s place, so that was ok.  I am still not sure why all the drama – scrubs, surgery room, hair bonnets, recovery room…my only theory is that the extraordinary fragility of the embryos mandates a completely sterile environment.  I was so nervous that they were going to whip out the scalpels and needles and chainsaws when I went into the operating room…because why else go in there, and why require that my husband be there to drive me home and “take care of me”?  I was sure it was a trick of some kind.  I also thought that they would put my husband in scrubs and have him come in, but he was asked to wait.  I’d love to hear others thoughts on/experiences of the transfer.

My biggest fear, the Full Bladder, wasn’t a problem…I peed just a little before it all started (tone those kegal muscles!), which left the right amount to get the job done without peeing all over the doctor.  I was also able to lie still in the recovery room for an hour before using the bathroom.  So my advice to anyone going into the transfer is, don’t be afraid to pee a little before things start….it’s unnecessary to be extremely uncomfortable during the procedure.  You will be happy that you did when they start whacking on your full bladder with the ultrasound.

So, the little embryos are inside of me now….and I’m wondering what they’re doing in there….did they fall out……are they picking a spot to stay….are they even still alive?   Even though on one level I feel like there’s no way this will work, I’m also inviting the little guys to stick around, and feel happy and ok with the whole thing.  I’ve also decided to take a HPT the day before my beta, so that I can be forwarned of the phone call I will get from the nurses the next day.  If its negative, I want to know that it’s negative before they do….ya know?

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes!