Ok, so I suck at blogging lately.  Our house went under contract and I’m waiting for that to fall through, I got my period and started taking Estrace so am waiting for the embryo transfer (and then for it not to work) , told my job I was leaving and made my staff cry and reopened my vegan cake business.  s.t.r.e.s.s.  Random thoughts today:

1.  I gave in to the stomach bulge and bought fat pants.  After weeks of hormones and OHSS and loads of sitting on the couch eating potato chips, I put on a few pounds.  I am trying to get it off, and have been wearing dresses in the meantime…but it’s getting too cold.  And the choice was between buying wool mumus or bigger pants.   So I bought $10 clearance fat pants at Marshalls and feel depressed about it.

2.  Isn’t XM satellite radio supposed to be commercial free?  Isn’t that the point of PAYING for a radio subscription??  Hello?  I had  a rental car today with XM radio and was surprised to be listening to colon cleanse and biodiesal adverts in between the songs. Wtf.

3.  I HATE people who smoke in their cars and then throw their cigarettes out the window.  HATE.  I want to crash into them, pull them out by their hair, make them pick up the cigarette and throw it right the hell back in to their car.  If you throw your cigarettes out of the car window….sorry, but you’re a total asshole and I hate you.

That was pretty much my day.