Come on, McCain campaign, this is just silly….from reading Obama’s speech in context, you would have to be really crazy to think that the remark was directed towards Palin.  And whoever in the article made the jump saying, “and who has mentioned lipstick lately..??” made it seem like because Sarah Palin said “lipstick” within the past week, that obviously if Obama says the same word, he is directing it towards her.  If he had changed the phrase to say, “putting lipstick on a BULLDOG,” then she would have reason to take offense.  But he used a phrase common to politics, appropriate to the context of his speech.  As noted in the article, this is a phrase that he (and John McCain himself, mmkay?) have used before.   And I’m sure Palin has too.  If John McCain said it now, would he be indirectly referring to his running mate?  Of course not.  So just because Obama is in the opposing political party, he can’t use the phrase anymore without it referring towards Palin?  How stupid and immature and meaningless…and what a waste of the media’s time.

Politics is so fucking ridiculous today.  It is not about any of the things that it needs to be about.  None.  It is about “ooh, he said this,” and “you said that which means this,” and “I said this but didn’t mean that.”   It’s all complete and utter horse shit which doesn’t help anyone accomplish anything and it makes me very very angry.   And there is no end in sight.  My proposals?

Fix # 1 – The media is only allowed to report on politicians’ standings on the relevant issues.  They are not allowed to report on politician’s pastors, or past drug use, or pregnant children, or babies, or negative remarks/slurs, or what Jesse Jackson said, etc.  They can tell us, “Obama would like to remove our troops from Iraq” (with details of how/when) and “John McCain thinks we need to stay for awhile to sort it out” (with details how/when).  They should also disclose voting records.  If the media wasn’t reporting on the gossip, alot of the candidates’ nonsense would probably dry up and they would stick to the point.  But it seems too much to ask.   Which is terrible because people go in to the election being informed about non-relevant issues.

For instance: I know that Sarah Palin was governer of Nowhere Alaska, I know she has a pregnant teenage daughter, I know she is a hockey mom,  I know she belongs to a Christian cultish-sounding church, know her bulldog lipstick joke, and I know she has 4 kids and a baby with Down’s.  I actually do know one policy of hers through the pregnant daughter story: that she promotes abstinence education.  Which is kind of funny, but I digress.   But that’s it….that is what I have learned about Sarah Palin from the media, and what I am armed with to make my decision in 8 weeks as to whether she is fit to be VP of this country.   And while I will probably take the initiative and dig deeper, alot of Americans will not.  “Hey she’s a hockey mom, I am too, therefore we must be alike and she’s getting my vote!”

Fix # 2: Split the country into three sections.  The Republicans can have foreign wars, wiretapping, prayer in schools, teach about people with pet dinosaurs, guns, lower taxes and rich old white men, contribute to global warming, buy foreign oil, promote abstinence education and prevent pregnant teens from having abortions.   And the Democrats can have higher taxes and improved education and social programs, universal healthcare, more money for the arts, condoms and sex ed in schools, evolution, abortions on request by the mother, stem cell research, freedom of religion, pull out of foreign wars, promote a greener way of life, and legalize gay marriage.  And then people who want nothing to do with either party can have their own separate space to set up shop.

And I propose that the Republicans (who are not assisting in reducing greenhouse gasses) can live in the South, where the global warming shit hits the fan in a more pronounced manner.

Is anyone as fed up as I am?  Other ideas for making democracy better?

Everyone should vote….but we shouldn’t rely on the media for our information.  Check out balanced and non-partisan websites, which are your only chance of getting a glimpse of the bottom line.  Here is one that is pretty good: