Well, ER was a blast. They brought me into the OR, I laid on the table and they injected me with anethesia. It was a bit unpleasant as I could feel the stuff going through my body and was still awake. They kept telling me “not to fight it” and I felt like saying, “Dammit, you imbeciles – do you think I WANT to be awake right now…get me out of consciousness NOW!  But instead I just kept telling them I felt weird and kept opening my eyes now and then so they wouldn’t start poking me.  The anesthesiologist finally added something else to my IV and that did the trick.   But It must have been about 30-45 seconds before I was out…it felt like forever.

I woke up in recovery in alot of pain and a little nauseous. Apparently I had already been told that they got 18 eggs, but when the nurse told me the second time, it was news to me! I was in alot of pain yesterday after coming home – even after the extra strength tylenol. With my regular period I have pretty bad menstrual cramps, and these were about five times stronger. The tylenol quited them down a bit, but it still hurt!! So that a-hole male doctor who said the procedure is painless can really kiss my ass now!!

Today we got the call that 17 of the 18 eggs were usable.   They ICSId 12, and of those 12, 8 “took.”  The other 5 they tried to fertilize naturally, and none of them took!!  Which is hard news to take, but does explain why we haven’t been getting preggers on our own.

Now…more waiting.  We are tentatively scheduled for a 3 day transfer on Monday, so I am hoping that we have 2 to put back.  It would be too much to ask to have some to freeze, but I really hope we do.  This has been an ordeal for me mentally and physically, and I don’t know that if I get a negative result that I would go through again.  I guess I won’t worry about that until I have to, though, right?  One worry at a time…so lets go little embryos, eat your Wheaties and get strong!!