My ovaries are running the show now.  When I go to pee, they bully my poor little bladder and it is has to put forth a valiant effort to do its job.  When I walk my duck-like waddle, with each step I can feel them clumping around in there..”right ovary, left ovary, right ovary, left ovary.”  I am eating fiber like crazy but am still nervous of blowing my belly button out when I go to take care of business.  I have indigestion and gas, which makes everything that much more enjoyable.  I also started getting a little dizzy today, and have sequestered myself to the couch (more movie reviews to come).  

I am very uncomfortable and ready to get the show on the road.  

At ultrasound this morning, my left ovary’s eggs were noticeably larger than the right, so I am guessing the trigger is coming tomorrow night, and not Tuesday.  That means I still have to somehow live with these bean bags in me for another 2 days!!