I had the “nice” doctor today.  He actually bears some semblance to a human being, attuned to the health and well being of his patients, which is refreshingly awesome and moving.  Don’t get me wrong, all of the docs at my clinic (including mine) are nice and I like them fine.  But this doc took the time to check out ME and not just my swelling ovaries.   He came in, rubbed my arm…”Hello, sweetie, how are you, how are you feeling?”  He’s so nice.  And he turned the screen during the ultrasound so that I could see it, too.  I have 8, maybe 10 on the right and about 8 on the left.  He was happy with everything and said I would probably trigger Tuesday.  That’s a long time to stim (12 days) but I am trying to see it as more time for all of my follies to mature.  I’ll see him again on Sunday, so I have the day off tomorrow!  Woo-hoo!