I watched “Girl Interrupted” today.  Decent film….kind of a cross between Slaughterhouse 5, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Little Women.  Two things stood out to me:

1. The opening line of the film, spoken by Winona Rider: “Have you ever confused a dream with life or stolen something when you have the cash?”  Ironic, heh? Poor Winona.

2.  What is with Angelina Jolie’s hair??



A really bad wig with ultra short bangs….I don’t get it.  What were they going for here?  She doesn’t look like a natural blond here, which I’m sure they could have achieved.  Is she supposed to look like her character had a really bad dye job?  But then why cut the bangs like that..a symptom of the craziness?  I don’t know, but it was distracting, like the hair-do itself was its own character.

The ending was a bit anti-climatic.  It didn’t take much for Winona (Susanna) to convince Jolie (Lisa) not to stab her with the syringe (where did she get that anyhow and what was in there???).  But it was also kind of nice to not have the movie turn in to Single White Female, so I guess I’ll take it.  I recommend this for anyone who has to hang out on the couch for a long time.