My fourth ultrasound went well.  They are bumping my follistim back up, to 125 for tonight.  The doc said everything looks good, which was enough detail for me.


I somehow developed a low grade yeast infection (I think), but the only symptom is the chunky white discharge.  It was alot on Sunday, but now isn’t much.  On Monday my OBGYN looked and took a culture that won’t be back until tomorrow (Friday).   My RE looked today and said to treat with monistat and not worry about it.  Of course I am worried about it anyway.  I have never had a yeast infection, nor used monistat.  I put the little capsule suppostitory in about 10 minutes ago, and am waiting for terrible things to start happening.  The reviews online vary, but there are alot of women who experience quite a bit of discomfort using this drug.   Thank goodness they seemed to be balanced by women who say it’s ok.  I want to get rid of it and have a normal vagina for my ER.  The doc said he’s never cancelled an ER due to infection, so let’s hope I don’t become the first!