I have 16 follicles ready to go!  I am very happy with this number, and hope that they all grow at a nice even pace.  The doc said its early yet, and all of them might not grow, but even if I have a few less that 16, I’ll still be happy.

The doc who saw me today bears a strong resemblance to Tom Green (like Tom Green’s chubbier older brother) if he were impersonating a doctor, and I always want to laugh when he comes in and starts talking.  It seems like such a put on.  He had a female resident with him today who was oh-so-gentle with the dildo cam.  Doc Green had to grab it away from her and started jabbing my internal organs with it in order to get anything accomplished.  I was touched by the resident’s gentleness with the prod, and think that this not only came from her being a newbie, but also because she’s a woman and knows that dildo cam is not a terribly comfortable experience.

I was also suspicious that the nurses may have been smoking weed in the back, because they were playing The Beatles “Let it Be” album over the loudspeaker and the volume was pretty high.  Loud enough so that while the doctor was checking me, I had to really strain to hear him over the music.  Usually they play soothing classical selections at a low level, so this was very strange.

All in all, a good day so far!