I went for my 1st ultrasound today.  The doc says it looks like I have “potential for alot of good growth,” which sounds good to me.  I’m not going to ask for numbers for awhile.  The fact that things are coming alive in there means that I have likely avoided being oversurpressed, which is good news after being on lupron so long.  Now I just need not to overstim, and all will be right with the world.

The shots are not too bad; the needle sizes are the same as the lupron, but the amount of medicine is considerably more.  The repronex does sting a bit going in, but it’s not as terrible as I’ve been led to believe.  It’s funny, but my body has an automatic response to the shots.  As soon as I push the needle in, my heart starts pounding and I can hear it in my head…I guess it’s adrenaline flowing, telling my body to “get the fuck out of this horrifying situation – immediately….NOW STUPID, RUN NOW, GO GO GO!!!.”

I go back for Ultrasound Tuesday at 7, which means leaving the house at 6:20 which means getting up at…..too early for me.  I’m sure the coming days will bring more of the same, so perhaps I can adjust my body clock and start going to bed at 7:30 the night before (Joke.  But not really.)

Random rant – On our way home this morning,  there was this biker in oncoming traffic who had a HUGE shoulder in which to ride.  Probably a good 4 feet’s worth.   He chose not to take advantage of this space, and instead drove IN the road.  Which caused the oncoming cars to swerve out around him, which caused us to swerve into the shoulder on our side of the road.  To avoid being killed in a head on collision.  I feel like there are some bikers out there who think they’re just better than all of us fatties riding in our pollution producing cars, and so do whatever they want road rules wise to give us all the metaphorical finger.  And there’s nothing I can do about it, which makes me mad.  I guess I can honk and yell out the window at them.  Maybe I’ll do that next time, see if helps.