Last night I did my first stim shots, 75 iu repronex and 150 follistim.  It was a bit nerve wracking playing mad scientist in the kitchen, but we got through only wasting a few drops of meds and 1 syringe.   The follistim meds were just kind of free flowing out of the pen without us doing anything, so that wasn’t really our fault.  We used the big needled syringe to mix the meds and then got a little too eager and thought it was time to switch needles before actually drawing the meds up.  The needle doesn’t get changed until the meds are ready to go in.   So we figured it out and I injected myself with no other problems.

Helpful tips: Repronex has a bad rep for stinging upon injection.  The tip I’ve heard is to let the meds sit for about 10 minutes after mixing, which help decrease the sting factor.  I followed this advice, and there was no stinging.   I also massaged the area afterwards for a bit, to spread the meds out,  and don’t have any bumps or welts today.  Redness, soreness to the touch and a little itchy, but otherwise the injection site is fine.

Lupron decided to have its last hurrah yesterday, seeing as it was no longer going to be the center of my attention.  I decreased my dose to 5 units yesterday, and ended up with the worst migraine I’ve had the entire three weeks I’ve been on it.  I also had a ton of hot flashes, and stuck my head in the freezer to cool off!  My (very scientifically informed) theory is that the decrease in Lupron allowed some of my natural hormones  to get back into my system.  So it was like a prison break – with my normal hormones chomping at the bit to run free and wreak their usual havoc.  But Police Officer Tylenol was on the scene quickly and beat them down into submission.  I feel ok today.  Small headache, tired, but none worse for the wear.

Woo hoo, only 9-12 more days to go!  1st ultrasound tomorrow at 8:15….will anything be alive in there??