I just found this article, which is a more credible source on the Brangelina IVF issue, but again, doesn’t seem to totally confirm the IVF rumors. If Angelina had IVF and wanted to tell people about it, she would just say it, right? Doesn’t seem to me that any of the telling comments are hers.

Slightly amusing – “…since multiples are usually a side effect of IVF.” (my italics)

And laugh out loud funny – “What stress? Don’t people like to get pregnant by having lots of sex?”

But when you start picking on Perez Hilton as a credible IVF/IF news source, you should probably find somewhere else to channel your energy….

Like knitting!

I am teaching myself how to knit, and boy, its tough! The book I bought is pretty useless in the instructional aspect. But once I caught on, I was knitting away. I just unravelled the piece last night, and am going to try and learn a new stitch tonight. I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, while on bedrest, I will knit my little future baby a hat. Or a potholder.