Angelina Jolie had her twins a few days ago, a girl and a boy. (Anyone know how many weeks along she was by the way?) I have been wondering all along if she had IVF. That is the rumor, but I can’t find any statement that she has ever made confirming or denying it. I wish more celebrities who have undergone IVF would be candid about it.  I mean, I know I shouldn’t care how Angelina Jolie got pregnant, right?  But somehow, if she had IVF,  it does matter to me now….do celebrities who undergo IVF have a  responsibility to other infertile women?  Of course not, but its probably the right thing to do, or at least a NICE thing to do for other infertile women.   And I know its a private affair and a tough/personal time to go through, and some of us regular Joes don’t even tell other people in the midst of treatment….but once it works and you have babies, I think its good to say where they came from!  It is so helpful to others going through the experience!

I joined an online support forum that has made the process so much easier for me, and I think the main reason it helped is that it has normalized the process….so many women are doing it, therefore it seems like a much less drastic/crazy thing to do (which is what I thought before I got started). If more celebrities who undergo IVF, like Courtney Cox, talked about it openly, it would be all the more “normal” to the rest of the world.  And then when a non-celebrity woman finds out that she has to go through IVF to have a baby, she will A) at least know what it is, and B) feel like it’s not a crazy thing to do, because she knows of at least a few celebrity women who have gone through it successfully.   I often feel like a pregnancy leper at times…other fertile women (read: every single female I know) don’t know what IVF is, and so don’t understand anything that I’m going through…..and when they get pregnant, they don’t tell me, because….well, I guess they don’t want to hurt my feelings, but being left out of announcements just because I’m infertile is pretty hurtful in itself, more hurtful, in fact.   So the IVF celebs speaking out would be as much for the benefit of fertile women as infertile…maybe even more so.

I think if you’re getting paid 25 million dollars for a few weeks of work, and buying 70 million dollar estates in the South of France…then you should give something back.    And sure, Angelina does, moreso than most celebrities, but I think if she did have IVF, and spoke out on it, then it would be a huge morale booster for other infertile women, and thats an enormously positive effect with very minimal effort!   And, if she really wanted to be activists for the cause….considering she (and J. Lo and Marcia Cross and Nancy Grace and whoever) has tons of money….she could donate money to local IVF clinics, to help women pay for the treatment.

Maybe she just got pregnant with twins naturally, and if so, she can disregard these comments (ha).  But it still applies to the rest of the infertile celebs!!