I was really worried about being under suppressed or over suppressed for my baseline check today.  Turns out I should have been worried about the cyst on my right ovary.  Apparently it’s been there for some time (before I even started Lupron) but no one ever mentioned it until today.  I am a little pissed about that, because at least the news wouldn’t have been such an unpleasant shock today.

The cyst means that I can’t start the stimulation phase tomorrow, which really sucks, because I was geared up to go.  If it is a normal cyst, it may go away on its own, and the Lupron should help accomplish that (hasn’t seemed to help at all over the last 2 weeks, but I’m ignoring that fact for now).  So doctor’s orders are to stay on the same dose of Lupron for another week and then go back in to see what the cyst looks like.  Hopefully it is gone.  If it is smaller,  that means the Lupron is working and I will spend yet another week trying to shrink the cyst.  If it is bigger…..well, the alternative to the Lupron therapy seems to be surgery, so we are REALLY HOPING THAT IT DOES NOT GROW.

So, no stims for me yet.  Just more morning fun and headaches with Lupron.

On a positive note, I taught myself how to knit last night.  It is hard, but I am getting the hang of it..and its fun!  Maybe by the time I am on bed rest, I’ll be able to knit something for real.