So, if I am lucky enough to have more than 1 good quality embryo come embryo transfer (ET)time, the doc wants to put 2 embryos in.  With 2 he says we have a 50% chance of getting pregnant.  Out of those 50% of women who get pregnant, 25% of them end up with twins.  A few end up with triplets, as some embryos can divide naturally.   If we transfer 1, the success rate drops to around 35%.

I’ve been thinking about this alot.  Alot of infertile womens’ knee jerk reaction is “Hooray for 2 babies!”    But, there are alot of risks that come with that package.  For babies and mom.  In a study, when these same IF women were counseled on the risks, many of them decided to do a simgle embryo transfer.

Because of the added risks (plus where am I going to put two carseats in my two door Acura?!?), I am leaning towards a single embryo transfer, which seems unheard of in this country…. even though in the UK, by law clinics are going to have to start doing more single embryo transfers to reduce the multiples rate.

I guess ultimately it will depend on our own individual situation.  IF we have embryos to freeze, AND can do a five day transfer, AND have a strong little embryo, I will lean towards the single embryo transfer.  I feel like there is nothing wrong with me that would make pregnancy less likely, so that 2 would stick just as easily as one.   But if we have none to freeze, and I am faced with going through another IVF cycle to MAYBE get to the embryo transfer stage again…..I will probably lean heavily towards putting more than 1 back in.

I suppose its really a wait and see situation.  But I don’t like waiting….