I have received several comments and am so flattered that anyone actually came here, read AND commented. Thanks, everyone! I am creating my links, and so added your blog (if you had one), I hope this is ok, please just let me know if it’s not!

Today at a wedding shower, my best friend was talking about getting pregnant in October so she could have a summer baby. I remember when I was like that…it seems so long ago… when I thought that having SEX at the right time of the month would result in a pregnancy. How naive!

My IF story:

Once upon a time I thought that having sex on and around cycle day 12-16 would result in a pregnancy. Immediately. 6 months later, no baby, I knew that something was wrong and my OBGYN referred me to an RE. He did a mini-workup with exam, bloodwork and post-coital test. There were no obvious problems and so I was told to have an HSG (hysterosalpingogram probably spelled wrong) done. When I found out what that was, I decided that maybe trying naturally for a little longer wasn’t such a bad idea. 3 months later, no baby, I decided to have the HSG done. It HURT like a motherfucker, but was VERY fast, over in probably 30 seconds. No obvious problems with my tubes. Semen analysis: normal. The RE wanted to do a laproscope, and scheduled it two months into the future. I KNEW that we would get pregnant in the interim because holy crap, I was not having SURGERY when there was NOTHING WRONG WITH ME. 2 months later, after gaining 10 pounds eating lots of desperation flavored ice cream, and no baby, I had the surgery. 1 tiny dot of endometriosis which was “probably not the culprit” was found and removed. It was not the culprit, as the following 4 months of trying naturally were futile. IUI #1 found that my husband’ sperm count was (unexpectedly) very low we were told that the IUI probably wouldn’t work. IUI #2 found another low count, and the RE advised that IVF would give us much better odds. But no WAY was I giving myself injections and having another surgery,and risking OHSS… this was crazy talk, IVF was not something that I did. During the third IUI, IVF was advised again. After IUI #3, I got my period, right on schedule, and had to make the biggest decision of my life. And so……after 2 years of trying, I took the plunge and began giving myself Lupron injections a week ago. And here we are. And what fun it is!

But, in the past few weeks, I have met some awesomely amazing women in cyberspace, and know so much more now about my body than I did before, and will never ever ever assume that a woman without children just doesn’t want them and say dumb things to them like, “So, when are you going to have kids?” And I have a blog, too, which is kind of fun.

So, all in all, sex = babies is definitely the better equation, but this equation is mine, and I have accepted it, and it is really not so bad thus far! Hopefully the end result is the same…