I don’t think Molly Ringwald was pretty in pink. That dress she made was soooooo hideously ugly. And props for making it herself, but really, it looks like a pink coffin shaped garbage bag with lace attached to the top. Molly Ringwald has this cute little figure and manages to look like she weighs 250 pounds in that prom dress, or trying to hide a pregnancy or something.

Not flattering

Anyway, how cute is Andrew McCarthy in that movie? I was totally crushing on him. He is not looking as good these days:

Still good looking, but not crush-worthy…kind of a mix of Ralph Finnes, Martin Short and Lyle Lovette? I think he was better when he had a little pudge. Or maybe he just needs a haircut.

But the movie was cool, even though I think Duckie got the shit end of the stick twice…but I am hoping that having post prom sex with Kristi Swanson cheered him up. (According to IMDB, the original ending had Duckie win Andie, but the test audiences weren’t happy with that…and I have to say I found Duckie quite annoying, so understand where they were coming from.)

Anyhow, a whole post without mentioning IVF…new tags needed!