My second and third shots of Lupron produced nausea/dizziness/lack of appetite, which thankfully seem to have passed with shot #4.

It was a very strange experience though, to be out to dinner, and have no interest in the food whatsoever.  I love food, really LOVE it, and going out to dinner is one of my favorite activities.  So I felt so sad to be sitting there just randomly selecting an entree that I knew wasn’t going to eat.  I was thinking that maybe the payoff would be losing 5 pounds prior to the stims, which became my silver lining!  I am also trying to focus on the possibility of a pregnancy at the end of all of this….it is really hard to think that a woman can go through all of this and wind up in exactly the same place that she started.  Many women just pick up and keep going, which I really admire, and which they really deserve an award for.  If this doesn’t work….I don’t know if I am the woman that keeps going with multiple IVFs.  I guess it depends on how my body gets through it all…..and how much weight I lose.  ;  )